Woman holding smiling emoji yellow balloon in front of her face, standing in front of brick and graffiti wall. Poop Problems Podcast home page

Poop Problems Podcast is a podcast all about poop.

Everybody poops. Some people talk about poop.
We talk about poop ALL THE TIME.

We’re here to offer HELPFUL HUMOR –

We laugh and joke a lot but we also offer solutions to serious poop problems.

Listen in to hear about Daily Struggles, Ongoing Challenges, and Memorable Poops. Enjoy guest interviews and expert advice.

PoopProblems is hosted by Heather DeCriscio and Debi Constable and produced by Lisa Hugh.

(All information is for entertainment and informational purposes only and does not count as medical advice. We try not to say bad words.)

"CAUTION" spray painted in yellow letters on grey background.
Poop Problems Podcast is not suitable for work or children. We talk about human body functions in detail but we are not vulgar. Sometimes we talk about sex. We try not to say bad words.

Poop Problems Podcast is DETAILED but not vulgar and is intended for adults. We try not to say bad words, but sometimes they slip out. Adult topics and human body functions are discussed in detail, so this podcast is generally not suitable for work or children. We highly recommend listening with earbuds or in private.

Poop Problems Podcast is on Anchor and these platforms: