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Poop Problems Podcast was created due to our passion for healthy digestion.

Welcome to Poop Problems Podcast.

We want you to know that everybody poops. Some people talk about poop and others don’t. We definitely talk about poop. And we like to laugh about it. We also like to be generally informative and help people poop better.

Listen in to hear about Daily Struggles, Ongoing Challenges, and Memorable Poops. Enjoy guest interviews and expert advice.

Poop Problems Podcast is hosted by Heather DeCriscio and Debi Constable and is produced by Lisa Hugh.

(All information is for entertainment and informational purposes only. This podcast and website does not count as medical advice. We try not to say bad words. Some topics are not suitable for work or children.)

Not only are we hilarious, but we also know our sh!t stuff.

Woman with blond hair and red lipstick. Heather DeCriscio, Host of Poop Problems Podcast.

Heather DeCriscio, RN is a Registered Nurse and a host of Poop Problems Podcast. She has an associates degree in nursing and is soon to earn her bachelors degree. As a nurse, she likes taking extra time with clients to trouble shoot and figure out why they’re not feeling well and to teach them the importance of healthy digestion.

In her personal life, she enjoys jogging, yoga, basketball and the Big Bang Theory. Her boyfriend despises talking about poop but loves her anyway.

When she was 22 she bought an electronic remote controlled fart machine and loved making people laugh by making funny noises. (Her boss didn’t think the fart machine was funny at all.) Now she’s excited to make people laugh on Poop Problems Podcast while also sharing good information about poop and health.

Woman with brown hair. Debi Constable Host of Poop Problems Podcast.



Debi Constable, LPN is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a host of Poop Problems Podcast.

She enjoys running, reading, movies and playing with her dog Lennox. Oh, and she is borderline obsessed with Sebastian Maniscalco comedy. Her boyfriend finds poop funny as well and looks forward to making a guest appearance on an upcoming show.

A few years ago, Debi was gifted a fart machine by Heather and believes that the gift sealed their friendship and set the ball in motion to start Poop Problems Podcast.

Lisa Hugh - Producer of Poop Problems Podcast







Lisa Hugh is a Registered Dietitian and producer of Poop Problems Podcast.

Lisa Hugh is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She completed her Dietetic Internship at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. She holds a Masters of Science in Health Science from TUI University. She has completed coursework as a doctorate student in the Business Administration program at William Howard Taft University.

She has worked in diverse clinical settings including doctors offices, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted livings, and hospices. Throughout her career she specialized in working with clients who have complex medical issues. She currently works full time in her private practice, Southern Maryland Dietitian. You can see more of her work at SingleIngredientGroceries.com.

She has a funny family with lots of poop stories and believes that everybody should have a good poop.


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