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In Episode 7 we hear from Veronica Lamb. 

She is a health coach who lives in Hawaii and who had a terrible poop problem while driving back from DC. 

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Welcome to another episode of poop problems podcast…

…where it is our job to sit down, shut up, and talk sh!t.

We do this because we like to laugh and joke but also because we know that people have actual poop problems and that a lot of poop problems can be made better.

Our episodes frequently involve guests who have had poop problems and also guests who are experts in poop. We talk to these experts and learn all kinds of information about poop so that you can learn and apply this information in your own life.

Lastly, we seek to normalize the human experience of pooping.

Episode 7: A Terrible DC Drive

In Episode 7 we hear from Veronica Lamb. 

She is a health coach who lives in Hawaii and who had a terrible poop problem while driving back from DC. 
We talk food sensitivities and kids and poop and learn about probiotics and digestive health.
In keeping with a theme of kids poop, Part 2 is a quick funny story from a kid who loves his mom. 
Caution – adult topics are discussed in this episode.

Poop Problems Podcast is generally NOT suitable for work or children. Sex and other bodily functions may be discussed in this episode.

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Connect with Veronica Lamb:

Veronica Lamb for Poop Problems Podcast. Woman with long brown hair and orange shirt and jeans standing.
Veronica Lamb – Health Coach


Veronica Lamb is health coach specializing in gut health & food sensitivities. She helps clients gain momentum and hope in their health journey so they can get back to living full and impactful lives.Connect with her online:


Products mentioned:

  • Amy’s Organic Products (link coming soon)
  • Amy’s Organics Lentil Soup (link coming soon)
  • For more information on the Probiotics, Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes that worked for Veronica email her at hey@veronicalamb.com or send her a message.

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  • Debi is really excited to hear Veronica’s story. [1:45]
  • Veronica tells us about her son’s food sensitivities. [2:30]
  • Veronica discusses family members who don’t really believe that food sensitivities are a real problem. [3:30]
  • Eating out with food sensitivities is really challenging. [4:00]
  • One of the challenges with food sensitivities is that reactions can be delayed (delayed reactions). [5:00]
  • Washington DC rush hour traffic can be a standstill, even with using google maps, so a child’s stomach ache can be a big deal. [5:30]
  • A “God Awful” smell fills the car. It was really bad. People are gagging and crying. [6:15]
  • A belly ache and potty training and driving on the freeway don’t really mix. [7:00]
  • Food sensitivity reaction poop smells horrid. [7:30]
  • Veronica’s poor son was soaked. [8:30]
  • The rest stop bathroom now smells horrid and Veronica is looking for a poop bag.  [9:00]
  • The family endured a two hour drive home and THEN had to hose off the car seat, after stopping at Walmart for supplies.  [10:00]
  • Debi imagines the worst case scenario…what if this happened on a plane ride? [11:30]
  • Veronica figures out the offending food. Seems like the staff didn’t use the safest technique. [12:30]
  • Heather used to work in a restaurant and can relate. [14:00]
  • Hot grills do not kill gluten. [15:30]
  • Veronica is a Health Coach and helps people with food sensitivities and gut health. [17:30]
  • Poop helped Veronica identify food sensitivities in her son right after he was born. He was pooping much more than he should have and developed really bad diaper rash and was really uncomfortable. [18:30]
  • Veronica worked really hard to identify trigger foods and adjusted her diet accordingly. She followed a full elimination diet and it took five months to really figure things out. [22:00]
  • She also advocated for her son to get help from a lactation specialist, ENT, GI, and allergist.  [22:30]
  • In hindsight Veronica found out that taking probiotics may have helped her son earlier. [24:30]
  • The microbiome can be affected by antibiotics as well as tic and lyme diseases. [26:00]
  • Good Bacteria are helpful to our systems and can influence mood, pain, and sleep. Prebiotic fiber helps good bacteria grow. [27:00]
  • Digestive Enzymes can help break down “bad guy” organisms. [28:00]
  • Some people may need supplements long term, some people may not. [32:00]
  • Stress affects GI health. [33:00]
  • A fire whistle is blowing. Debi needs a sound studio and everybody is laughing. [34:00]
  • Veronica encourages her clients to work with their medical providers and naturopathic doctors as well. Not all lab tests will identify triggering foods. She also provides her clients with a symptom journal to help identify food triggers. The MRT blood test can be very helpful. [37:00]
  • Veronica offers services include developing custom recipe books based on her client’s dietary needs. She also helps with supplements  that can promote healing. [38:30]
  • Some people suffer for years and are undiagnosed. They might have chronic issues of fatigue, pain, inflammation, rashes, and eczema. [40:00]
  • Not all journeys are as intense as Veronica’s. [41:00]
  • Debi’s nephew suffered with symptoms but was never referred to a dietitian or health coach until around age 4. They did say that the baby wasn’t tolerating breast milk but the family didn’t get help figuring out if a dietary change was needed. Babies are sometimes diagnosed as having colic but don’t get relief. [42:30]
  • Possible indications of food sensitivities or food intolerances in babies include: eczema, frequent diaper rash, frequent crying, baby not sleeping, baby can’t lay down due to reflux. Sometimes these symptoms are brushed off as normal but more could be going on. [45:00]
  • Figuring out food sensitivities can take time. [46:00]
  • Veronica figured out that her daughter had food sensitivities after breast milk that splashed on the baby’s skin caused a bright red rash. [48:00]
  • After using probiotics and specific supplements, Veronica’s son has been able to better tolerate wheat without vomiting or diarrhea. [49:00]
  • In Part 2, a kid tells a story about how he and his mom became Poop Twins. [54:00]


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