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In Episode 2 we hear from Cole about his Poop Problem. If he gets up by 7:00 AM he poops on time at 9:00 AM. If he gets up late, he probably won’t poop for days. What is going on?

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Poop Problems Podcast Episode cover with sand timer with pink-red sand. Episode 2. Cole's Poop Problem and Help from Maria Larkin.

Welcome to another episode of poop problems podcast…

…where it is our job to sit down, shut up, and talk sh!t.

We do this because we like to laugh and joke but also because we know that people have actual poop problems and that a lot of poop problems can be made better.

Our episodes frequently involve guests who have had poop problems and also guests who are experts in poop. We talk to these experts and learn all kinds of information about poop so that you can learn and apply this information in your own life.

Lastly, we seek to normalize the human experience of pooping.

Episode 2: Cole’s Poop Problem and Guest Interview with Maria Larkin of Better Gut Better Health

In Episode 2 we hear from Cole about his Poop Problem. If he gets up by 7:00 AM he poops on time at 9:00 AM. If he gets up late, he probably won’t poop for days. What is going on?

Thankfully, Heather and Debi interview Maria Larkin a Registered Dietitian who has a lot of insight and helpful suggestions for Cole. She tells us about how circadian rhythms, biological rhythms, clock genes and molecular clocks affect our pooping routine.

We’ll also hear about how coffee, shift work and long days affect our bowel movements.

Cole - Man with sunglasses holding baby with white hat at beach. Poop Problems Podcast.

If Cole doesn’t poop on time, he may not poop at all.


Man with blond hair smiling. Cole is interviewed for Poop Problems Podcast.
Thanks Cole for sharing your poop problem!

You can listen to the full episode here, on Anchor or your favorite podcast platform.


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Connect with Maria Larkin:

Smiling woman with glasses and pearl necklace standing in front of purple flowers. Maria Larkin Registered Dietitian interviewed for Poop Problems Podcast.

You can connect with Maria Larkin online: 

Show Notes, Links, and Resources:

Maria Larkin would like our listeners to know that she is part of a  team of 4 registered dietitians and nutritionists at Better Gut Better Health and they do both in person and virtual sessions. The BGBH programs focuses on gut issues which affect various other health conditions. For example, they have Better Gut Better Skin (a clear skin program) and Better Gut Better Metabolism (a weight loss resistance, blood sugar balancing program). BGBH also has one dietitian who specializes in eating disorders. BGBH also focuses on most gut-related conditions, namely, SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivities. BGBH is able to offer clients a full range of testing as well as provide menu software programs to help our clients ease into eating without feeling overwhelmed. BGBH’s mission is to provide hope to clients and help to balance eating and lifestyle so that it is sustainable and realistic.

Maria doesn’t recommend forcing an evacuation with suppositories or Metamucil. 

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  • Cole tells Heather about his poop problem. If wakes up at 7:00 am he poops by 9:00. If he doesn’t, then he probably won’t poop for three or four days. [1:30]
  • Maria Larkin joins the podcast to help Cole. [4:00]
  • Debi’s dog makes an appearance. [5:45]
  • Maria tells us about biological rhythms, colonic motility and clock genes. [6:00]
  • Our bodies like routine. [10:00]
  • Why we shouldn’t force poop out of our bodies. [13:30]
  • Recommendations for Cole [14:00]
  • Getting ready to poop – sometimes you have to think about it. [17:00]
  • What happens if you don’t poop and why stool gets hard and dry. [22:30]

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