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In Episode 5 We hear from people who have pooped themselves as adults.

We already know that everybody poops. We’re finding out that a lot of people have pooped themselves.

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Poop Problems Podcast Episode with image of 4 adult friends with arms around each other looking at sun and nature. I pooped myself.

Welcome to another episode of poop problems podcast…

…where it is our job to sit down, shut up, and talk sh!t.

We do this because we like to laugh and joke but also because we know that people have actual poop problems and that a lot of poop problems can be made better.

Our episodes frequently involve guests who have had poop problems and also guests who are experts in poop. We talk to these experts and learn all kinds of information about poop so that you can learn and apply this information in your own life.

Lastly, we seek to normalize the human experience of pooping.

Episode 5: I Pooped Myself

In Episode 5 We hear from people who have pooped themselves as adults.

We already know that everybody poops. We’re finding out that a lot of people have pooped themselves. In today’s episode we hear from Heather, Debi and a guest (Paige) about adults pooping on themselves. We also hear from Michele whose mom was really wise and taught her what to do if she pooped herself. 

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Poop Problems Podcast is not suitable for work or children. We talk about human body functions in detail but we are not vulgar. Sometimes we talk about sex. We try not to say bad words.

This is episode is NOT suitable for work or children.

You can listen to the full episode here, on Anchor or your favorite podcast platform.


Question of the day

Can you relate to any of the topics discussed in this episode? Did you learn something new today? Please let us know in the comments below or leave us a voice message. (We may use your message in an upcoming episode.)

Our guest Paige:

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  • If Debi had a Poop Bag, her experience may not have been quite so bad.
  • To hear more about pooping in bags and pooping in a purse, check out Episode 4.


  • Debi tells her own personal story about pooping herself. She was working as a home health nurse and bathrooms were bathrooms were scarce. She did her best but still had to stop at Dollar General to buy extra underwear and wipes. [2:00]
  • Debi now knows why infants cry when they have a poopy diaper. [4:30]
  • Why are convenience store bathrooms in the back of the store? [5:30]
  • Heather got a stomach bug and kept vomiting. Then she vomited lot and her bowels let loose as she made her way to the bathroom. [9:30]
  • If you poop in your underwear, do not try to salvage them. [10:30]
  • Is there a proper protocol for adults that poop their pants? [12:00]
  • Paige joins the podcast and tells us about a near-pooping experience that happened while pregnant and driving home after eating at Taco Bell. [15:30]
  • People should be prepared for poop emergencies. Heather and Debi had a coworker who pooped herself at work. The lady had to wear an adult diaper (Depends) to drive home. [19:00]
  • Paige tells a story about when Billy (her husband) was using a skidder to pull logs out of the woods. He was pulling so hard that he pooped himself. “That skidder didn’t have any problem pulling a log out of you, did it.” [21:00]
  • Paige tells about a time that dulcolax snuck up on her while she was picking up hay. It was like a volcano exploded. [25:45]
  • Michelle tells us about a time in third grade where she learned that poop often follows gas. “If its coming through, it could be poo.” [29:00]

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